JahKah Joints

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  • Renginio tipas: Vakarėliai (Club)
  • Miestas: Vilnius
  • Vieta/adresas: Balti drambliai
  • Pradžia: 2018-06-13 20:00
  • Aprašymas: Featuring yours truly, Jahka Di on the MPC with some sweet and exclusive beats, making it hard to resist the groove and move to the riddim. Cho!

    Also with the man, the only, the supernatural playa playa - Kah Raw Is - with his wind thang called the saxophone, blowing up those barriers away!

    These two gentlemen will get together in Balti Drambliai, letting those smooth vibes into the building and into your soul. Yes I!

    So come on come on! The train will arrive soon to shook your legs and move your feet, swing your head and be complete.

    Joint us on wednesday.

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JahKah Joints

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Is Slovakijos 2008..

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